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  1. Powell's turn as Marlowe fit perfectly into the noir context as relates to hard-boiled stories being made into film. They started with great source material (although they had to change the title because they were afraid "Farewell, My Lovely" would make people think it was a Dick Powell musical, the word murder would change that impression.)He nails the tough talking, tough acting P.I. that will do almost anything for a client, especially one he felt he let down. John Paxton used much of Chandler's clever dialogue, giving us the cynical but basically honest Marlowe. Chandler's Knight Errant on
  2. The first thing you see are the rubber trees dripping their life fluids or blood, then the workers that collect it, after a hard day of work, playing games or sleeping in crowded conditions. Then the peace is shattered by gunfire, a man stumbles out of the door. The shooter follows and fires until the gun is empty. The clouds cover the bright moon for a short time, then recede and full light is shined on the murder she committed. Which she later calls an accident when sending for help. As she gives orders as to who must be sent for she never faces the people gathered behind her, she keeps her
  3. At times you are a crew member on the engine, and other times you are an observer, standing by the tracks watching the train speed by. The darkness of the tunnel is a precursor to the darkness of later noir and is the unknown. Trains or train yards later play an important part in "This Gun For Hire"' The Asphalt Jungle" and as a major plot device in "Double Indemnity", just to name a few. In that era, train travel was as common as plane travel is today, so it was familiar to most people and these situations could resonate with them as later air disaster movies did to the flying public.
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