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  1. You guys are the big TCM fans,figured maybe you would know. That's fine,I'll ask their corporate office myself.
  2. Well,I guess I'm just a bland 7 yr old then...loooool Fun ruiners!
  3. It's not the fun take on it,it's all serious. I'll stick with the Flynn version.
  4. Oh no,I'm just a real digger when it comes to researching subjects!! It's what I do..like a detective looking for clues...looool The auction house has her things on a 7 city tour right now. They had it at this theater I attend now and again this weekend,and it got my curiosity going. Her mom persevered and saved what is said to be the largest collection anyone has found. It was really amazing to see some of it. The house I found on my own,but you can only drive by real quick,because you'll get stopped in that area if you don't live there.
  5. Yes,she had an incredible memory. Very vivid,and not your avg child at all. I went to see her costumes and things this weekend,and found her house in Woodside,and where she is buried...(can't get in there though darn it!!...private cemetery and no one is allowed who isn't family) I'm amazed at how popular she was with other celebs and such,on a genuine level.
  6. I am reading it,and during her interviews on her book tour im watching,she keeps saying she wasn't upset,and was happy to just be able to make movies. She said they were naive,but a very loving family. She's a much better person than me...I would have been very angry. $3.4 mil down the toilet!!! Wow...
  7. I've been doing a lot of research on her this past week. I can't believe her dad lost all her money,and she wasn't even upset about it!
  8. I just think her mannerisms,and facial exspressions are great. Wow,that kid was amazing to watch dancing with Bojangles. I don't think too many children could have done what she did.
  9. I just finished watching 5 Temple films,as I've never have seen a full movie of hers before. Though the films will never be on an all-time list of great films,I found her to be hilarious.
  10. I like classic 40's -50's noir. The look of the films in black and white is essential for me.
  11. That's fine if you like it. I've seen too many times how bourbon turns on people,including myself. I'll pass on that.
  12. When is that ever going to be put out on Blu-Ray? I love that dvd,and think it's the best studio doc ever,but it really does need a face lift badly. (Sorry if this doesn't go here,not sure where to post this question)
  13. This movie is entertaining. I love watching monsters destroy the worlds castles in IMAX 3D!!
  14. Kingdom of the Crap Skull sucks. Lucas couldn't think of a good story,was his reason for waiting so long to make another one,then is ok with that garbage??? Sorry,but he needs to hang it up for good if that's the best he could come up with.
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