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  1. (Flesh and The Devil -'27 ) ~"My boy,when the devil cannot reach us through the spirit....he creates a woman beautiful enough to reach us through the flesh."
  2. ( Sunset Blvd -'50 ) ~"Look at this street...all cardboard,all hollow,all phony, all done with mirrors...You know,I like it better than any street in the world."~Nancy Olson That sums up my fascination with backlots,facades and theme park design pefectly.
  3. ( Jimmy the Gent-'34 ) ~"You can go down deeper,stay under longer,and come up dirtier than any man I've ever known!"-Bette Davis to Jimmy Cagney
  4. It really is. What makes it even better for me,was he didn't know she was going to say those lines. The director wanted to see it ad libbed,without telling Bogart about it beforehand. So for her to go head to head with a star of Bogarts calibre in that scene,is really something to appreciate.
  5. That's my favorite part. One of the hottest moments in classic film. That look in her eyes,when she takes off her glasses,and pulls her hair down? Holy moly! The cute Taxi girl is fun too,not to mention Vickers and her steaming up the screen.
  6. That's ok,you've got plenty as it is. It's great they have multiple channels for older TV shows,and movies now. Guess that means I'm getting old..looool ????
  7. I watch Antena TV,MeTV,and COZI...it's fun to all the old shows on again.
  8. That guy is really fun. I even bought one of the glow in the dark t-shirts.
  9. Holy moly! I love the travel shorts! It's really neat how much you learn from watching these too. I wish they had just DVDs with all of them on there,I'd buy that in a second.They sure made things,simple,fun and informative,without being overly complicated about things back then.
  10. That's what I hear all the time. Not me,I won't touch Warner Archives until they make a better product. That company made over a billion dollars on Harry Potter alone...they can afford pennies on the dollar to upgrade their product.
  11. Bring on the dirty cheap dames,and gun molls. Can't get enough of that! Looool
  12. Works for me professor. Really enjoy this course by the way. ????
  13. WTH? They don't have any animated classics as essential? Good grief....whatever.
  14. Yes,there should be a thread for each topic. Otherwise it's a pointless forum to post in.
  15. Can't you just pin a thread,and delete or lock the old ones? I use a forum like this for my NFL team,and that's what the mods do there. You guys are like "Who are all these people?!!!" Looool
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