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  1. I disagree with those that say the POV doesn't work - i think the camera work is powerful, and works up until the point of the unnatural angles of the arms punching Baker (Clifton Young).
  2. It's on libsyn, and the link here http://outofthepast.libsyn.com has direct mp3 downloads
  3. You mentioned about the missing films - maybe someone from TCM can chime in, but my guess is they started with a larger list, and winnowed it down based on broadcast rights and scheduling.
  4. I didn't notice anyone mention this yet, but there is also a strong sense of regularity in the locations throughout the opening with strong lines of rails, walls, doors, masonry, until the camera zooms in to the poster. At that point the only strong lines left are the angles of the hat. The sequence up to that point not only has regularity of daily life, it also has the regularity of structures.
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