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    Film, especially film noir and westerns, reading, working out, walking trails, dining out, music, esp. Sinatra and 60s r&r.

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  1. Guilty Bystander on the late show on a NYC channel, WOR probably, I like the conflicted antihero, the shadows, the pervasive sense of doom and failure. I have the poster in my living room today.
  2. Its a great scene, and Rita Hayworth pulls it off easily. Clearly, as has been mentioned, its her attempt to get through to Johnny. I'm reminded of the scene in Phantom Lady, where Elisha Cook, Jr. Tries to get to Ella Raines through a drum solo. In film noir, singing not cooking is the way to a man's heart. There's a lot of music in film noir, Elizabeth Scott was always good for a song or two in most of her noirs, like Dead Reckoning and Dark City. Noir films were good for women actors, they had more to than in mainstream films, singing, romancing, scheming, shooting.
  3. If I'd known online courses were this interesting, I'd done this before. Excellent introduction, comprehensive yet comprehensible, lots of ideas, looking forward to more. Well-conceived use of multimedia, right down to the evocative music.
  4. I've never found point-of-view to be particularly effective, and Dark Passage seems to me to be a weak film, despite fine performances from the leads. I'm reminded of Lady in the Lake, another film where point-of-view was disasterous.
  5. Having seen two versions, an earlier one with a fine Jeanne Eagles, I prefer this one, with its hallmarks of film noir, disorientation, flashbacks, femme fatale.
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