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  1. Fully agree with the danger of the opening shot of the flames but I also wanted to say that as some others have mentioned, it seems like the intended effect was more than danger- it was the idea of damnation or hell. The documentary style of this shot and the opening in general (and perhaps the entire film, since I've never seen it) serve to provide images that still seem "real" in the sense that the viewer could stumble upon that exact thing at any given time in the world at large. As a result, the way the film is understood may be shifted a little compared to how the same viewer would proces
  2. Without repeating the great ideas many others have already posted in this thread, one thing that I notice in particular is the function of the admonishing woman in settling any doubts the viewer has about the children's rhyme, much in the same way the shadow talking to the playing girl confirms our doubts about the child playing ball against the poster. For example, we hear the children playing and think "Whoa, that's dark but maybe they're just doing what kids do" but the woman's comments pull us back and remind us that our first thought was correct. This acts to reinforce and strengthen th
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