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  1. I Have equated Noir to several points in my head so far. Films prior to Noir it was fairly easy to pinpoint The Heroes and the Villains. The Good and The Bad. With Noir I picture the characters , much like Gene Kelly, dancing around in the rain dancing along the fine line between good and evil, jumping and sometimes falling on either side and occasionally falling on one of the sides that had quicksand and disappearing into the darkness. Noir for me is a bit of a winding rubber band of fear apprehension and terror. In this Dose today From Lang it is very similar to M as the clock starts
  2. Foreboding....a rubber band that slowly starts to twist as we see the children and listen to the song..the length of the shot of the mother....seeing the young girl bouncing the ball down the street...the rubber band twists tighter...we see her bouncing the ball against the wanted poster...rubber band tighter...then..the shadow....and the voice...we no longer feel the tight rubber band...but we discover our heart racing 5 times its normal tempo...our mouth is dry. Lang is a Master of setting up the mood...the fear....foreboding for me is the word.
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