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  1. I think the POV was generally successful especially considering what it was trying to accomplish and the difficulty in accomplishing this form with the technology at the time. Personally I found the more rigid camera to be more acceptable then the shaky cam approaches used more today. the moments where POV was not used seemed out of place but not terribly so. Overall, the POV provided the right amount of tension by purposefully making the scenes appear claustrophobic. Even shots that would normally have felt open such as in open landscape and the car felt enclosed and entrapped. I felt this w
  2. There is a strong history behind all of the morbid children's rhymes/songs. Whether it's about the Black Death (ring around the rosies), rock a bye baby (based on a Native American tradition), Jack and Jill (from French history), etc, they all are generally are not well known in terms of their real meaning especially to the children. It is interesting thst we all have played these games or recited these rhymes and songs as children just as children have throughout history.
  3. Good points. When looked at this way, one can also notice the starkness captured in many of these same shots. It adds that sense of emptiness and aloneness which adds to the overall dread.
  4. I also noted the tunnel sequences especially the longest one where the train enters darkness and for awhile we see nearly nothing but the shadows until the light at the end of the tunnel. It made me think of life and death where there is a rebirth of life when the train exits the darkness.
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