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  1. I think Streisand sung this song people as it was meant to be sung, soft and gentle not belting out the words. To me it is not the type of song that is sung loudly but gentle like a breeze. That being said I just have to say how much I enjoyed this course and am sad to see it come to an end. One last thing as this week we are talking about the 60's and beyond, a musical not mentioned is The Slipper and the Rose which came out in 1976 and starring Richard Chamberlain as the Prince. I saw this one on TCM a few weeks before this course was even announced and I immediately fell in love with it. If you have not seen it I highly recommend you do as they occasionally show it on TCM. However if you do not want to wait for them to show it on TCM, it is available on any roku streaming device under the Pluto TV channel in the category for children.
  2. Rex Harrison's character of Professor Higgins in this scene comes across to me as very uncaring as to how upset Eliza is and sometimes is just downright rude in how her treats her. This only succeeds in making her more upset and angry so that is when she yells and throws things as her true self would do.
  3. The opening scene of Gypsy is certainly a nod to the classic musical as the characters start on the vaudeville circuit and eventually achieve success in their own way. I just have to say that as we are now watching the decline of the studio system it is a sad thing to see and movies will never be the same and I do not mean that in a good way. Now the door is open for people to do what ever they want in a film regardless of how bad or inapproriate or offensive it is. To me now that we allow all of this to go on it becomes less about making great films with great actors and great stories and more about just seeing how many films we can push out regardless if they are good or not. I personally thought that Finian's Rainbow was really good and would rather see that a million times over than the stuff we call movies nowadays.
  4. I have always loved Singin in the Rain and Gene Kelly from the first time I saw this film and the Moses tongue twister scene was always my favorite. I cannot imagine how many times they had to do that dance to get it to be so in sync with each other. I watched Singin in the Rain yesterday but I could watch it again right now it was such a great musical and one of my favorites.
  5. Band Wagon is certainly a departure from the musicals we have been seeing up till now. Most often we see Fred Astaire dancing solo or with Ginger but always at his finest but in this dance scene in The Band Wagon his talent is still much toned down to be cooperative with his fellow characters and certainly highlights their togetherness. I would like to point out something from the today's lecture just in case no one else picked up on it. Gary Rydstrom compares the Stairway to Paradise number in An American in Paris and Michael Jackson's Beat It as being similar in the stairs and sidewalk lighting up but it is not Michael's Beat It it is actually Michael's Billie Jean video
  6. Listening to Ethel Waters as Petunia sing this song, you really get the feeling that despite everything that happens as a result of her husband's gambling she truly does love him. I really love the actress who plays the girl who runs to tell everyone that Joe is going to be okay. I have seen her in Gone With the Wind and Mildred Pierce and she is always good for a laugh especially in a tense moment. Comic relief at its finest.
  7. The first Judy Garland film I ever saw was of course The Wizard of Oz which is one of my favorite movies as my mother will attest to. However it is wonderful to see her in other films as well and to watch her mature into a very talented woman from a very talented young girl. I have seen Meet me in St. Louis twice before but looking forward to seeing it again as well as For me and my Gal as I have loved Gene Kelly since the very first time I saw Singing in the Rain which is the first Gene Kelly film I ever saw
  8. I saw this film a number of years ago with my Mother. It was great than and I am sure it will be even better this time. I love the patriotism in this film especially when James Cagney says to the President that he has always been a flag waver and altways will be. Perhaps we could stand a little bit more of that patriotism in Hollywood today.
  9. Astaire and Rogers at their best, so can't wait to see the rest of this musical. I would say that she pretty much knocked that door down between the equality of men and women in this time period. She matched him move for move without blinking an eye.
  10. This opening scene from Love Parade reminds me of an opening to a film noir. This scene would also still play out well as a silent film as you can see the techniques used here to convey their message is definitely reminiscent of the silent film era. For example the close up to the actress's face and her shock but no sound really. Also, closeup to the gun reminds me as well of a shot in a film noir
  11. Like Richard Edwards said in today's lecture video that there are some similarities between Marnie and Psycho. For example it is revealed to us early in Marnie that we are dealing with a woman with more than one identity and some psychological issues and in Psycho it is revealed throughout the film that Norman Bates to has issues and in the end it is revealed that he too has more than one personality. The difference with Hitchcock's cameo in Marnie versus his other cameos is that he looks directly at the camera therefore directly at us the audience.
  12. The opening scene of The Birds reminds me of some of the opening scenes of Hitch's movies from the 1930's where everything is quiet and serene but you know that soon the world we are experiencing in the movie is going to soon erupt into chaos.
  13. As Psycho is one of my Father's favorite movies, I have seen this one several times so it will be interesting to see it with all the new knowledge I now have about Hitchcock. The title design of Psycho with all the broken lines makes me think of how psychologically broken the character of Norman Bates actually is. I think that the opening scene with Marion and Sam in the hotel is setting us up for the later scene in the Bates Motel. I think that the reason Hitchcock enters the hotel through the semi-closed blinds is to make us feel that we are entering a world but it is a secret world and to discover why it such a secret world.
  14. If the title design of Vertigo is so designed to make us feel what the main character is feeling than count me as being in his shoes. All those spirals f would make even the best of us dizzy.
  15. Hitchcock's many uses of shots of things criss crossing in the opening scene of Strangers on a Train is surely widespread. First we have the shots of two different sets of feet with two different styles of shoe which says to me that this to men are from different walks of life but their paths may soon cross. Second we have the train tracks crossing one another which says to me that there are many people on these trains who are all going in many different directions. Last we have the two sets of feet again both pointing in opposite directions which I took to meant that these two men's lives are going to go in opposite directions.
  16. The shot that really sticks with me especially in the context of a noir film is when Bergman's character is looking at Grant's character but we see him from her point of view which is upside down and in shadow. That shot almost made me nauseous so I can imagine how Bergman's character was feeling since she is certainly hung-over.
  17. One of Hitchcock's touches we see in the opening of Mr. and Mrs. Smith is how it is in a confined space of their bedroom just like in his other films like the lifeboat in lifeboat and the train in The Lady Vanishes. It seems to me that although not the usual type of film by Hitchcock that this man could do anything he put his mind to because I can't wait to see the rest of this comedy.
  18. The opening of Rebecca differs from the British films we covered last week because it is not a frantic start to the film. It gives us a sense that something bad has happened as we see the decay of the house but we will found out what that something is as the film unfolds before us. The house is also a character in this film just as much as the actors in their roles as we will see in other Hitchcock film's like Psycho with Norman Bates' house and the hotel
  19. I saw this whole film yesterday as many of the films that will be covered in this course are available on any roku streaming device. This film has many of Hitchcock's touchs. First of all, it starts off like a silent film but suddenly we are thrust into chaos with much noise. As the movie progresses, we see some shades of a future Hitchcock with Psycho in the scene with the man singing outside the hotel. I don't want to say to much as it will ruin the scene for those who have not seen it yet. I believe Hitchcock was right when he said that with the invention of talkies people forgot how to make a great film because all silent films had to rely on the emotions on the faces of actors to get the point of what was going on. As with nowadays people have forgotten how to make great films because the have lost the ability to convey what is happening in a film without showing every single little detail.
  20. I watched this film yesterday for the first time and it was certainly in the style we will become accustomed to with Hitchcock. I really enjoyed how this film was fast paced because it heightened the suspense of what will happen next but the little bit of slapstick was also a great combination to lighten some of that tension which I think nowadays is called comic relief. Note: For those of you who have a Roku device or a Roku tv you can watch three out of the four films covered this week. They are under the My Retro Flix channel in the category of movies: subcategory of mysteries. I will let all of you know if there are any other Hitchcock films when I found out if there are any.
  21. The use of sound by Hitchcock in such a way in Blackmail was very wise. I certainly was in Alice's head with her as she has her reactions to everything and everyone around her. Especially the lady going on and on about the murder when all Alice can hear is the word knife repeated over and over getting louder and louder to the point where the knife flies out of her hand.
  22. Watching the opening scene of Downhill from the point of view of the two boys gave me the same feeling that they felt of walking into a troubling situation. We also see the same techinque used in this film of images over images like the face of the girl telling what happened over the images showing us what happened between her and one of the boys like Hitchcock used in yesterday's daily dose of The Ring.
  23. I felt exactly how the husband was feeling with the techniques used by Hitchcock such has the fun house mirrors which gave me a feeling of being disoriented and confused like a film noir.
  24. I too thought the opening scene reminded me of Fritz Lang's M. Also the woman screaming at the beginning made me think of Janet Leigh screaming in the shower.
  25. I agree that in the opening scene of Hitchcock's first film we do see many techniques that he will use throughout his career. Most notably the confined space in the shower scene in Psycho.
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