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  1. What do you think documentary realism adds to the evolution and increased range of the film noir style? To me, the opening played like the opening of Dragnet with LA replaced by California farmland, and a better soundtrack. A very matter-of-fact narrator lays out interesting facts and statistics about desert farming, and how it operates. Namely via the braceros, most of whom (like the good citizens of LA) abide the law, a few of whom do not and they, apparently, will be the focus of our tale of woe. We are told the tale will be drawn from "composites" from official government files. Ma
  2. A funny thing happened when I watched this clip. The sound on the clip was muted; basically I could hear sirens and the radio voice-over, but everything else was too faint to be understood. I tried several times, hoping it were just a bad server connection, or, I don't know--solar flares? The result is that I watched it several times, basically in silence. The funny thing is, I got a lot out of it. So I can say that the first person POV was exceptionally helpful. And amazing camera work. We know there's been a prison break the second fingers appear on the rim of the barrel labeled San Q
  3. Two words for Lang's noir world: Unspeakable Danger! First the children's seemingly innocent game, played to the tune of a fairly gruesome song that eliminates players by chosing them as the next one to be turned into mincemeat. Du bist raus! Notice that two children are already standing outside the circle, so twice before someone has fallen prey. We see the third. Next, the first woman's vocal objection to the words of the song. She's heard enough about the murderer already. She obviously knows about the danger and, for her, to speak of it, or sing of it, makes it more real. The moth
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