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  1. the moon and the scanning of the scene is very noir animals reacting to the shot we see first deligency in her face as she is shooting, but then a look of maybe remorse she is detaching, as soon as she gets confronted about it she is diligent cool calm and collected again and tells the men what they must do everyone else's general reaction to the shot from the animals, to the way the men act in their sleeping quarters to how they aproach the body is very noire the moon offers a very noir-esque change in lighting
  2. I think they could have worked the first 20 seconds of introduction more, i think we jump into the scene a bit too suddenly The police sirens set the scene the sequence is not a 100% done in first person perspective but the scene that is splaying itself out is quite unusual, seeing things through the eyes of our character adds another layer of confusion but a comforting one, for the character seems to be as disconcerted as we are The barrel is used a a frame when he exits the barrel The bridge behind it gives us guidance on where he will go The character taking off his shirt to cause a -
  3. first thing we see is fire, the fire is not a cozy one but one that crushed down things (in this case coal), it makes us naturally panic because of our own general saftey/makes you think of inferno We see men putting coal into the fire, it is hard work we see the train going very very fast, this is all because of the hardwork that is put into keeping the train going. the train has no will of it's own, it's only function is to keep on going ruthlessly untill the people directing say otherwise. two men are directing the train, it takes a lot of observation, one motions to the other to do some
  4. The song the children sing does give us a premonition that something eerie will happen, specifically something to do w/ being killed off and taken out of the game, the camera angle makes us loom over the children like Death Himself The lady w/ the basket looks at them w/ a disturbed expression, she is on edge, she already has enough stress in her life from other factors, we look at her from an upwards angle, maybe to make it seem like someone looking up meekly after being brought down to their knees from fear. The fact the children keep on singing despite her shushing notes that the stress f
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