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  1. Criss Cross: In thinking of the title and opening shot we see an over-view of criss-crossing streets and a parking lot. Cars connecting to people. People kissing. Past, present and future connecting, crossing over. The futility of hoping for a happy ending coming out of misdeeds... Beauty and darkness, power and weakness. Control and loss of control. These opposite pairings in style, substance and narrative are what make Films Noir so attractive to me. I loved, loved, loved the daily doses. It kept this class fresh and immediate for me. Being able to watch a very short, digestible,
  2. AH has always had a wonderful sense of humor to offset the horrific aspect of human nature. I have always loved that about his work. The light tone in Hitchcock films is always a set-up. Humans are ridiculous and can't be trusted no matter how "light" things seem on the outside. The guy with the two-toned shoes is creepy all around because of his overt "friendliness." This sets Hitchcock apart from other film noir directors, in that he brings a sense of humor about light contrasting the dark into his work.
  3. One interesting thing I noticed was the personality of the inanimate objects/cupid statues. First one is looking at main character in a thoughtful, scrutinizing way, it appears, and then he splashes it. The second one is looking towards the clue of where Orson Welles' character disappeared to. The man looks at the statue and where the statue is looking, then pointedly looks in that direction to the Kiosk. Formalism perhaps? The history of the city helping with the search? God and angels? Hmmm...
  4. Watching this today, it is very disturbing. This film breaks away from the usual film noir relationship of femme fatale and protagonist by having it about a mother and child in a wonderfully, creepy and upsetting way!
  5. Ha ha, I think we can blame the instructor, here! jk But the probing questions do lead one to evaluate without seeing the whole film and I believe you cannot witness the benefit of the pov shot in the opening without seeing the whole film. imho
  6. Yes I found this moment particularly eerie. This little song also reminds me of the American "ring around the rosies" about the Black Death...
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