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  1. The narrator describing the sun like a magnifying glass, simultaneously lot of glassware is displayed in his house. Very fragile look. His voice is very haunting. Clocks ticking One after another, mention of a similar clock in Laura's house.
  2. Very interesting opening, hands appearing on the rim of the drum. Once the drum roles down and comes to a stop, there is sudden darkness. Then you see movement and a man walks out of the drum. the camera moving towards the seat cover, may be trying to distract from the conversation.
  3. Quite an opening scene in 'The letter'. Starting with the stark white and black contrast of the tree trunk and rubber liquid dripping. The scene moves on to show laborers ready to go to bed, enjoying oriental music to relax, which is in a few seconds juxtaposed with shrilling gun shots. The transitional movement of the moon behind the clouds as soon as Mr. Hammod is murdered is quite dramatic along with the focus on Bette Davis' dilated eyes. Her expressionless face show no indication of any fear at all. The laborers don't seem to question her actions and follow her instructions.
  4. Sounds: The first shot of the fire furnace accompanied by a shrilling sound of the whistle. Sounds: The crashing sound after the train enters the tunnel. The two characters communicate only through expressions, sign language and whistles, there is no exchange of words. The train approaching the end of the tunnel is beautifully shot. It gives an illusion of the appearance of a moon. Music is used at the end of the scene. In the last shot the camera goes into slow motion mode, and the approach towards the station is shot amazingly.
  5. The lyrics of the song sung by the children in the opening scene are very daunting and depict the mindset of the children at that point in time. The sounds are very distinct - the tapping of the ball, the tolling of the bells, the honking, the conversation between the two women, that give an ominous feeling. The director has brought a contrast in the lighting to bring about darkness and brightness sometimes, and he has played with the shadows skilfully. The shadow looming of the man on the column in the end leaves a very eerie feeling.
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