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  1. Another great movie I've seen...Yep, I wanted to slap that brat Veda before she took her shot at her mother...Initially, I expected Joan Crawford to really shake some sense into her daughter as they both stood near the desk... what a visual that would have been... also I did notice the darkness of the room and the black suits they both were wearing.
  2. I immediately feel as though I'm being hypnotized by the clock pendulum in the opening scene. Once you realize you're not alone in the room you begin to wonder why sit and watch the clock.. what will happen when it chimes the hour?
  3. I enjoy this scene... no fluff. As a private detective Marlowe is automatically suspicious of everyone...he's quick...Marlowe doesn't mince words...no greetings...no introductions...a perfect start to an interesting drama.
  4. One of my many all-time favorite movies. Great musical score and set of characters. Waldo Lydecker is introduced in an unusual way showing that he's been around and has the confidence that nothing phases him so much so that he can't be bothered to get out of the tub when a detective visits in regards to the murder of Laura...someone he knows.
  5. The first person POV in the barrel just made me dizzy...and the driver of the car had no effect...no tension except for the fact that Bogart character with his voice over was obviously an escaped convict which made the story that much more interesting to watch.
  6. The Letter... I have seen this Bette Davis movie. Great stuff.. you really get pulled in as the gun shots break the serenity of the evening. As the action pours out onto the steps of the bungalow...what must have happened to this woman...shooting the man multiple times...with little expression on her face... knowing that she's probably killed him.
  7. Terrific beginning...I immediately want to know where the train is headed as I'm caught up with the engineers tasks as the train travels along the tracks...then I felt something disasterous would happen any moment...finally feeling relief as it slows into the station.
  8. I immediately noticed the lack of grass or trees in this small community (that we saw)...really depressing... but no sense of trouble to come despite the song the kids were singing. No sense of dread until the man approached the little girl playing with the ball on the street.
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