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  1. Hey everybody, Yes indeed b movies are a broad category, and the Bmovie cast covers them all with fun discussion throughout the year. I hope B movie fans will take a listen and join in the international fun that is BMoviecast. I am looking here for folks who listen regularly to the cast and have also joined the noir course. We know who we are and have similar sensibilities, which as Bmovies, are quite broad. So join in the fun, and while you are at it, check out BMoviecast, it is a way to have fun with movies all year long... http://bmoviecast.com Bmoviecast is a non profit podcast
  2. Hey Out There! Any B Moviecast fans participating in the course? We should link together and petition Vince to do some Noir films during this time, they are TRUE B movies and worthy of the B Movie Cast treatment. We can than promote the cast in this forum and get some new B Movie Cast Fans. I hope to hear from you, it was thanks to Bmoviecasters Kelly and Derek that I found out about the course, and I love it. How about you? Let's make our love for B Movies known and get some more folks in the fold. Ken AKA Evan Kendal AKA Santitito
  3. All excellent insights on a great noir style opening, using visual cues and subtlety to open us up to a horrible subject, a child murderer.
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