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  1. This opening scene from "Dark Passage" really did make my stomach lurch with that barrel roll! Each shot demanded that I watch carefully, as I had no distance frame of reference, so it was unfolding as "I" watched it. I knew "I" was going to punch that driver--and "I" did! I liked that POV, but I don't think I'd want to see a whole movie like that. What comes next?
  2. There is no who in this whodunit! To have the major star, Bette Davis, pulling the trigger, with no explanation whatsoever is jarring indeed. Even more disturbing is the unperturbed look on her face as she shoots Mr Hammond--and after. The play of light and shadow is masterful here. The winking moonlight, the shaft of light from the house, the contrast of the bright, white dripping rubber and the dark, mysterious night--the almost palpable heat of a summer night--all combine to make this a perfect opening to a great film!
  3. The gaping, fiery maw, demanding to be fed...the slaves to its monstrous appetite stoking its gullet with more and more fuel...the Doppler effect sounds, both comforting and disquieting at the same time...the lines converging at the horizon like a black and white Wes Anderson piece...the inability of the 'humans' to use words--the reduction to gestures and whistles...the ever-present smoke (the cigarettes, the steam, the plumes in the distance, the furnace)...the fleeting contact with water, that elixir of life...and the introduction of orchestral music once in Le Havre... This has left me br
  4. I have never seen "M" and this tantalizing little snippet has whetted my appetite! The lack of music, the tick-tock bouncing of the ball, the approach of the sinister shadow--each element combines to fill one with dread, as well as anticipation! I just watched Fritz Lang's "Fury" the other night for the first time, and now I want to see more of his work! Thank you, TCM, for making this possible!
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