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  1. I have taken a previous movie course in college and remember M as a favorite. I thought it decades before its time in its subject matter. The story of a child murderer would not be done in the U.S. or at least not in this way. Johnny Cash was once asked about the most famous line in his song, "Folsom Prison Blues" and how he came up with lyric "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him Die". He said it was the worst thing he could think of for a person to do. Similarly, Fritz Lange could think of nothing worse than a child murderer and his "Man in Black" is first represented in a childs maca
  2. I do like the calm beginning, the camera panning slowing past the sleeping plantation worker and then by the light of the moon, we see the woman kill the man and she calls it an accident. I wonder where we are headed. Knowing who the killer is but not why reminds me of Columbo where we, the audience, always knew who done it but it was up to Columbo to figure out why by himself without our help. I have never seen the movie before so I have no clue what the authorities will have to say or in what manner the truth will be revealed and if the truth will only be known by the audience because the
  3. I think this is the longerst train scene without words I have ever seen. I was fascinated to watch all the tasks the two men had perform to go over the terrain and there was a false anxiety that something would happen along the way which was caused by the sights and sounds - the whislte, the dark tunnels, the darkness of the day, the train smoke, the chugging of the wheels, the bridge, the oncoming train and then you arrive at the station. The journey of life can be comparable. You never know what can happen at any moment and then you reach a station and you think you have arrived but what
  4. listening to a pod cast interview with our instructor. http://www.hifilmfest.com/2015/05/27/138-into-the-darkness-preparing-for-tcms-investigating-film-noir-class/
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