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  1. A big shout out to Prof Edwards and Mr. Philippe, thank you for letting us join your conversation on Hitch. A big concept that looms in my mind is the influence that a director like, Nolan gathered from Hitch. In his latest, DUNKIRK, the score is haunting, question: Do you think that the ticking watch, boat engine sounds and especially the musical score of Hans Zimmer mirrors Hitch's recurring motifs? Here is an article that touches on that subject: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/26/movies/the-secrets-of-the-dunkirk-score-christopher-nolan.html Zimmer used the Shepard Tone to hone
  2. The opening of FRENZY as opposed to LODGER is different in that the long helio shot in FRENZY ends up with a woman screaming, while LODGER begins with a smash close-up shot of a woman screaming. We are able to collect our senses, adjust our movie seats and crunch our first mouthful of popcorn before we are scared out of our wits. Hitch's touches include a cameo shot, public forum & misdirection. FRENZY uses birds as a focus fulcrum. We are free as birds on the helio shot dashing in & out of bridges and roof tops, then a public forum discusses kingfishers as the reason to clean
  3. Marnie's character unfolds in the opening sequence to a lady leaving clutching a Lemon leather purse like a doll under a child's arm. The bellhop carries her burdens, brand newly purchased boxes. She packs the new items -- transfers the contents of the old purse to the new and places an ID chosen from a stack, then locks the old clothes and throws away the key. Symbolic we sense that Marnie's character is more an likely split, as she sheds he hair color for a new golden shade, from a bleak black tone. I gather a street wise girl on the run, but also that she is to be followed, as we ge
  4. Hollywood Hitch in BIRDS leads us down the rom com path as Taylor & Tippi banter over the details of love birds. What are they actually talking about, "...not too demonstrative, but not aloof?" Probably sex couched in euphemisms. The mistaken identity is definitely a comedic touch, as Taylor believes Tippi is a pet store employee. It's puzzling that the city scape has only aviary sounds. The mood is initiated as off kilter and strange. Does anybody care? The atmosphere is tipped off to be ambivalent ~ almost an opposite foreshadowing, clever Holloywood Hitch! He twists our emotion wit
  5. Music by Hermann gets our nerves jumping with the staccato violin strings and is meshed with the vertical bars that fracture Basses title work which is mirrored in the vertical blinds that open the first sequence of PSYCHO. We are led down the path of anxiety of Bates & our fallen Jane's (Crone) temporary psychosis. The theme of what makes our neighbors and acquaintances commit atrocities will be explored through the eyes and bloodshed of these two peculiar characters. We're already on the edge of our seats. Hollywood Hitch ramps up the suspense bar by time stamping the 'ordinary' weeken
  6. Hitch uses star quality to insure we relate to his characters. If he uses people we feel are our 'friends' our relateability increases. We now are deeply concerned about their outcomes. R.O.T matchbook is used to light their fires and increase the eroticism of their 'chance' meeting. The click-clack of the train meshes with the dinner music & the diners' dishes clacking all says, your fate is to 'click!'
  7. Every director/writer: Auteur, must come up with a fresh approach to exposition. Hitch incorporated sound & visual design to the utmost to start us on his story-telling journey. The lips, black & white, smash close-up on the bridge of the nose, but seemingly normal. The eye turns blood red, and the cymbals clash. VERTIGO is experienced hynotically by the spin of the fibrinacci patterns, inescapable, the basic pattern for everything, including Novak's ability to hypnotize Scottie and transfer her neurosis to him. Without prior knowledge of this wide-acclaimed film, my supposition is tha
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