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  1. 1. The reality of a robbery is very terrifying, but considering they are stealing wheelbarrows of cole slaw and 390 tuna fish sandwiches, the effect is both parody and slapstick, because the situation is outside the realm of reality. Today, it's hard to divorce Woody from his terrible deeds in the real word, but the man was a master of mixing high and low comedy.

    2. Bananas' music, situation and antics all feel much more in line with the Sennett studio style than The Great Race, because the plots aren't the silly aspect, the reaction to those plots are the comedic engine.

  2. 1. This wasn't a cartoon? If this movie isn't the inspiration for "Whacky Racers," I don't know what is. The colors, the antics, the oversized arrow, all of it were lifted right out of the cartoon world "hammer space" to create a whackier than reality world. And the cool confidence of Tony Curtis has the same spirit of Bugs Bunny as he foils another dastardly Daffy Duck plot. If only he had a carrot and a snappy one-liner, I'd believe it was Bugs in the flesh.

    2. The stunt feels very much like an updated Buster Keaton gag. The straight jacket, the peril of the balloon, it all seems like something Old Stoneface would have attempted if he were born a few decades later.

    3. It's as simple as black and white -- Leslie clad in all white and then draped with a white straight jacket and tied to the balloon with a white rope, while the Snidely Whiplash-style Professor Fate in all black and a devious little black mustache to boot.

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