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  1. The first person POV was mainly successful--even with having to shoot one section as if seen by a third person through a barrel that had no bottom (talk about suspending your disbelief!)--in that it gave it both a sense of urgency and empathy with Vincent Parry you might not have gotten any other way.
  2. I'd have to agree with solarplaya's comment! Bette Davis' demeanor throughout the scene is amazing! I was surprised when the tranquility of the dripping rubber and the plantation hands' sleep or quiet recreation was shattered by the gun shots. It was startling to see how the white bird flew off at the first shot. Hats off to Wyler for capturing that and the moon being hidden and then re-emerging from the clouds.
  3. Sorry to be late with my response. (Blame it on my eye dilation at the ophthalmoloigist yesterday...) I loved the speed and sense of urgency and inevitability conveyed by the train hurtling down the track, especially at the beginning of the sequence. The music, added in later, just continued the rhythm supplied by the train itself at the start. For me, it's always great to see actors from The Grand Illusion together. Their sense of camaraderie and communication lets you know they've been doing this train circuit for quite a while.
  4. The only aspect I feel the need to add to the fine observations above is that children themselves are not all innocence. As anyone who reflects upion his or her own chldhood knows, children can be--and often are--cruel to one another. Each time the girl leading the song points her finger to show that child is "out," that is hurtful. But, like all else, there are degrees of "hurtfulness;" the form that they use at the start of "M" is innocuous in comparison to the murder of Elsie Beckmann, who seems to be more innocent than some of the others.
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