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  1. Even though you have the daylight in the background you have the shaddows inside the cantina. Also the voice over naration. It interesting how all the guys in the cantina are wearing just a shirt while Robery Mitchum is wearing an overcoat. He might have something to hide? I also like how she tells him about another cantina as she's getting ready to leave, then tells him " I sometimes go there." She is using her femme fatale line.
  2. Having this film start out as a documentry made it not feel like a film noir to me. Not until if showed the people at the fence. That's when it made me feel like a noir story was coming. The documentry feeling was a great way to start the movie by giving some background info.
  3. I have seen this movie before but it's been a while. This is one of the best opening secens I've seen in a movie. It grabs you from the first opening line "I will never forget the weekend Laura died". As Waldo's says this line the screen is blank, but as soon as he finishes, the set comes into the picture. You haven't seen Waldo yet, but just by looking at his apartment you can tell he is someone who likes to show off and has nothing to hide. It's interesting too how the camera slowly pans around the apartment has Waldo is narating but as soon as he stops and starts talking to the decetive, i
  4. I have seen the letter a few times before but I never really noticed it as film noir. It made me look at it differently. I loved how Wyler used the moon for his lighting technique. When the moon comes out from behind the clouds, the look on Davis' face shows that she can no longer hide what she did. It just makes you want to know more about what happened.
  5. I enjoyed the clip. I haven't seen this movie before so it made me want to see more. I thought that the way Lang used simple sounds and no music was great. These were sounds to help make it sound like any normal day, but it also made me feel like something was brewing right from the beginning. It kept me hooked wanting to know more about what was going on. I also liked how he lured you in by first watching a group of children playing innocently and then by the grownups being on edge by the song that they are singing and all the events happening around them. It gave a feeling of unease.
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