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  1. As the camera pans across the room you see so many of Lydecker possessions, and as the movie progressed you realize that is the ways he see Laura as one of his possessions. The way he spies on the detective walking around his apartment he spies on him in his own apartment. Calling him in the bathroom after he berates him about picking up one of his possessions.He then tries to emasculate him further by asking this strong /handsome man him to bring him his wash cloth and his robe. When the detective see him getting out of the tub he smirks . That scene defines their relationship.
  2. Marlow doesn’t play around with anyone. The way he looked at the elevator person who tried to joke with him about a women being in his office. The look he gave the elevator guy was priceless. He was upset about not protecting Merritt so the woman didn’t have a chance from the beginning. He saw through her immediately, and grew impatient with her because she tried to put one over on him.
  3. This is one of my favorite films. The building of the chemistry between Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall builds steady throughout the film. Not seeing Bogart’s face added that extra suspense. The view inside the barrel and the character's journey out of the barrel while the police sirens are blazing somehow makes you “root” for this guy, before you know the entire story and before you see his face. Seeing from his POV during the first part of the film is very interesting because the viewer is focus on the other characters and how they react to the Bogart character.
  4. It looks like a hot sunny lazy summer night. The moon is bright and it’s quiet, when all of a sudden gunshot. I have seen this movie several times so i was not surprised but if you had not seen the movie, i can understanding seeing the Bette Davis character shooting a man to death would make someone jump out of their seat! Once again the surroundings are not what they seem. The night is peaceful but suddenly it become violent. You see where it begin quietly , then the violence is thrushed upon you. Light to dark .
  5. The furnace looked like a huge mouth. The two men were like dance partners. They communication with only a couple of words otherwise only hand signals and eye movements were used . The music started and the train whistle blew as the train went by a yard of trains. Could this be a “grave yard” of trains and the whistle blowing was showing respect for the idle train engines. The style of the training going from darkness into the light represents the type of lighting of file noir. The speed of the trains was constant , fire , it raises your excitement of viewing this film.
  6. The surrounding dreariness that is displayed. Both women struggling in their lives.The innocence of the children - they are playing no matter that the game is about a murderer.The children are not seeing the dark-side of life. The women are tired,and have been defeated by their circumstances in life. But the mother raises her head when the clock chimes and you know she is anticipating something. The next scene is that of a child and you know something is going to happen. I thought the car would hit her and I jumped but the director let us have a little hope for a minut
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