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  1. The first person POV is a little unsettling to me, because I know what Humphrey Bogart looks like, and I want to see him! LOL But the gimmick works. It creates a sense of mystery. It is interesting later on when Lauren Bacall's character is looking at him, you really want to know what she's seeing.This is one of my favorite films.
  2. What vivid imagery! The camera placement really made me feel like I was on the train. I could almost feel the soot hitting my face and smell the hot steel and smoke. Great opening!
  3. Is the children's song familiar to anyone? I've never heard it before; perhaps it is a part of German culture. In America, we have a similar song, which begins, "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe, catch a tiger by the toe." While the song is certainly indicative of the movie's content, it also symbolizes the innocence of the children. They are merely playing, not really understanding the meaning of the song's lyrics (I hope!). I enjoyed the mother's expression when the clock chimes. She knows her daughter is on her way home for lunch, and that makes her happy.
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