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  1. I found the decision of starting with the band in a small town or suburban area felt more like the 50's than the year it presents on the title card. But what gave it strength once the body is introduced is that the film begins with images of comfort and tranquility. Once the closet is opened, the shot of the body is from a high angle and every other shot after that is framed within the film noir style. The character running to the train and catching a cart all falls under what we have viewed this summer. While others on this board have presented the trouble with their suspension of disbeli
  2. An immediate connection of tracking Frank through the opening credits up to his admission of information is to the opening tracking shot in David Fincher's Zodiac where the camera follows a letter through the process of going from the mail room to the reporters. The connection is the directorial choice of giving attention to subject or piece of information that the audience is not aware how but will change the world of the characters of the film. It is not as much of a surprise when Frank wants to report a murder but to confide that it is his own is where the surprise that pulls the audience
  3. The content of the scene stands out as others have presented here but the choice of form also sticks with me after watching the clip. The repetition of the barefoot legs on the dark asphalt in the middle of the of the desert, I presume, create a sense of despair within a desolate area. Choosing to have Leachman's crying and heavy breathing throughout the scene until the characters reach the police checkpoint adds a sense of realism where a score could still give a sense of escape from the danger. The breathing through credits gave the title sequence an urgency that would have been missing h
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