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  1. Usually I like the change in perspective of a camera angle when film uses POV. In Dark Passage I'm not as sure. I'm less interested in what Bogart(only this one time and scene)sees,says to himself and does in the first few seconds escaping. I do find it more interesting when he turns to the driver(C.Baker) and we see his face and emotions as the news broadcast breaks out with the news of an escapee and the realization that his hitchhiker is the one and only Vincent Parry.
  2. It was amazing to be able to feel the through almost all the senses the smell, taste, sound ,sight, etc of the mechanics of the train in motion. Without even fully understanding every motion of their actions and touch it was an orchestrated performance of skill,strength,patience and brute human force that could still control this this massive force of metal,steel and heat. Even with the background of steel,smoke, dials, levers, tracks etc these men show even greater strength and skill. In respects to the genre I wasn't sure if reaching the destination was to be of relief or apprehension!
  3. Absolutely. I can't believe you picked this up as well. I don't know if it means anything but it certainly caught my attention. I've never come across some visual elements that evoked a sense of doom and a dark ominous tone and heaviness to the atmosphere .From the beginning shot of the children at that angle,their shadows on the ground, up to the metal railings on the deck, the clothespins, the stairwell posts and spindles.All leading into the apartment and her collection of kitchen tools on the rear wall certainly are setting the mood for what's to follow !
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