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  1. I just found this on the TCM message boards...an interesting read about British Noir! http://noirworthwatching.blogspot.com/2015_01_01_archive.html
  2. Thanks for the suggestions...I appreciate all the ideas: searching them out will give me something to do in the long lonely nights after this course finishes!
  3. Today I watched Talk About a Stranger, which was honestly more like an extended episode of Leave It to Beaver than anything else! Noir? Barely, if you're judging it on a little alien paranoia and a few lighting and angle tricks, but honestly - the kid in the tale gets nothing more than a harsh look for emptying thousands of gallons of oil into some orange groves, and then even gets rewarded with a puppy by the guy whose life he almost destroyed!! I'm sure marketing (take a look at the poster if you can) it as a Noir helped dupe a few innocent rubes into parting with some hard-earned f
  4. That's interesting, thanks...I'm sure I remember reading somewhere that British Noir had more in common with French films of the day than necessarily the American ones.
  5. As an exiled Brit, I'm ashamed to say I really can't think of much in the way of British Noir. Thinking hard I guess I could include The Thin Man and Ministry of Fear (albeit with American links) and also Get Carter as a neo-noir, but after that I'm stuck. Would anyone care to enlighten me with some recommendations?
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