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  1. Funny, I immediately thought of this as well, and suddenly I'd understand wanting to have a poster of Rita Hayworth. I have GOT to find time to watch Gilda. Fantastic!
  2. This seems to me to be "classic" noir. There's a sense, with the wailing siren, of tension from the very start. I like the first person POV of the camera, and the look of the driver's face. This is definitely on my list to watch as soon as possible when get home to the DVR!
  3. This echoes almost exactly my own reaction. I loved how Davis' face is so impassive, except for the moment of surprise when the moon comes out from behind the clouds and illuminates the scene, and she turns her face up, startled, perhaps angry? Anyway, I agree, can't wait to watch the entire film.
  4. I wasn't seeing the noir elements, so I really appreciate reading the other comments. It makes definite sense in the context people are putting it in. The sense of hurtling forward and the grimy, grittiness of it. I love that there's no spoken dialog, just gestures. And what if the engineers get it wrong?
  5. I would like to know this as well! I have a DVR but will be away from my TCM subscription for this Friday, and would love to see some of the movies on my iPad or on my PC at that other location.
  6. I think Lang immediately starts off with the unease using that morbid children's song. And the kids all seem so somber... that, and the little girl is singing and pointing at each child, as if foreshadowing some gruesome end for one or more of them. Then there's the darkness, and the contrast of the film. Visually it's fairly stark and the angles of the stairs and building as the woman carries her basket of laundry up the stairs. I love the use of the shadow as the clip ends. Ominous and foreboding and not revealing who it is. Plus the actor's tone of voice, very creepy, almost a wheedl
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