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  1. The opening slow pan of the Lydecker’s lavish apartment shows a man of wealth and eccentricity. I’m already pulled in and sense these objects have more of a story to tell. The lighting isn’t typical noir but the sense of something being “off” is present from the start. The voiceover (here we have a noir element) introduces a main character to be dead. Lydecker spying on our detective gives off a sense of distrust. The detective looks to be studying the objects as he moves through the rooms. I was not expecting Lydecker to be in the bath! This brazen lack of boundaries intrigues me as to
  2. I love the quiet moments in The Maltese Falcon. When Brigid says to Joel "the fat man" in regards to Kasper Gutman and they both have knowing looks on their faces as if they share an inside secret. This is such a wonderful "quiet" moment.
  3. I always find tension when there is a discrepancy between what I am seeing and what I am feeling. This opening does that very well. Innocent fun such as children playing are juxtaposed with the morbid lyrics they sing and the stark, cold surroundings they play in. Right away, something isn't right. Before we even get to the gorgeous visuals of the man in shadow, there is a sense of unmistakable dread that builds up beautifully.
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