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  1. Marlowe is tough and hard boiled, not fooled by the "prim reporter." He was on her at the start, which was why he locked his door. It takes a rough and tough man to survive in that world.
  2. "A study of furnishings and faces"' indeed! The sweeping shots of the apartment juxtaposed with Joel McRea trying to take it all in and make some kind of sense of it. It is both opulent and decadent, like Lydecker. I wonder what to make of that quick jump shot to when McRea walks into the bathroom and then you see Clifton Webb. Establish a face to the voice. It's like Lydecker can't be bothered by such mundane things as a murder investigation.
  3. I thought that the use of POV was quite effective. Yes it was herky-jerky but that was the point. Bogie just broke out of jail and was on the lam, trying to get away. A person in that situation is going to be moving from to and fro, nervous , antsy, suspicious and panicky all in one. This sequence is an apt portrayal of that state.
  4. The moon and the clouds is what struck me about this scene, especially how the clouds covered the moon & darkended the plantation works and then moved from the moon to expose the crime scene. It showed that Bette had nothing to hide.
  5. I agree with several of the posts that mentioned how much a part of the train the engineers were. I am unfamiliar with this film so I don't know what will happen. But the prolonged shots inside the dark tunnels and on the tracks (and missing much scenic views like on a romanticized American train scenes) seems to preclude aimlessness and a sense of careening into the unknown and perhaps into doom.
  6. All of the sounds (cuckoo clock, bells, car horns, even the bouncing ball) blended in to create a sense of building doom, stopping when Peter Lorre appears, For Whom the Bell Tolls...
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