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  1. I've been thinking about why film noir came into being and why it went away. I think the period of history certainly has something to do with it. I think people were angry, angry at the lose of life, angry at the horrors of war, even angry at the changes in their relationships. Men having to adjust to being home again, with wives and girlfriends they hadn't seen for years and they themselves forever changed by what they had seen. Women having to adjust to being out of the work place now that the men had returned. It was a time of frustration and anger and the culture wasn't very accepting of t
  2. The beginning of M clearly sets the stage for what is to come. I was struck not only by the song that the children were singing, but the fact that (at least for the first few moments of the film) while they were singing it they are entirely alone. In fact for much of this opening adults are at a removed distant if not entirely absent. The only adults around are either high above their children, as is the case with the two mothers, or come about only after the children have narrowly avoided danger as in the case of the policeman. As someone else pointed out above, most of the adults in the
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