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  1. Sigh... Another Saturday night...another Non-Essential “The Essentials”. 🙄 Oh wait, TWO Non-Essential “The Essentials”! Oh lucky me! Guess I’ll rewatch The Set-Up and think about when The Set-Up would’ve been featured instead of this dreck!
  2. Saturday nights mean wait until 11:00 pm so I can watch Noir Alley which is consistently entertaining AND interesting. Eddie Muller is a fantastic host! Sorry, but, in general, The Essentials are now just dull, depressing films that no one would choose to watch on a dare. Saturday night’s show was the worst yet. A pair of dismal films that were chosen only on the basis of the director being a woman. That is it! The Essentials? I don’t think so! ***BRING BACK SCORCESE OR EVEN ALEC BALDWIN!***
  3. Absolutely agree with you and others! The film on right now is definitely NOT an ‘Essential’. “Losing Ground” seems like a nice low budget independent film, but there is NO ONE that would consider it an ‘essential’. I can see why this host likes it, it’s very personal to her and her experience, but it is NOT essential viewing for someone unfamiliar with classic film. I absolutely DREAD Saturday night movie viewing now. I groan when I turn on TCM and go, “WAIT! It’s Saturday! That means two (usually) newer boring films that aren’t ‘classic’. Oh well, it’ll be 11:00 soon and I can watch “Noir Alley”. Until then, I’ll watch TCM “On Demand”. Ugh!!! Stop it Ben Mankiewicz! I’m not here to be preached at, I want to watch classic movies again! I just resubbed cable last month for TCM...looms like it may be time to cancel again.
  4. RIP Dear, dear Robert Osborne. Condolences to his friends and family. What a loss. I can't type any more or I'll start crying again.. Martha Clark Buda, TX
  5. I found this sequence more 'exciting' than anything. Not 'noir' in what I consider 'noir'. Hoping that as we go through these clips I'll get a bit more insight into the genre.
  6. I've never seen this film, but I want to now! So exciting...the speed, the smoke and grime, the overwhelming level of noise. My natural curiosity of all things mechanical kicked in. Wondered at the many things having to be done at once and sequential. I was distracted at one point by the noise levels and how the engineers had to communicate by motioning at each other. I'm certified in hearing conservation and found myself looking closely to see if they had any form of hearing protection (still not sure). Tough job and not for the timid. The speed of the train and steadiness of the camerawork is amazing. I think I could watch this clip over and over. Unlike M, LA BÊTE HUMAINE had an exhilarating opening sequence that didn't fill me dread, but did make me wonder if the dangerous occupation of these two men reflected an equally dangerous life outside of work.
  7. . im going to have to watch clip again, I didn't even recognize that when it happened. Love this discussion, glad I'm taking this class!
  8. Yes! I saw those same similarities watching the M clip. The little boy in THE THIRD MAN was so 'creepy', this little girl is so cute. Just shows how a director can make what we'd normally consider a cute child into a 'creepy' one if set in the right situation. The little boy in THE THIRD MAN seems to be accusing the innocent protagonist of murder.
  9. The shadows, panning, and use of sound make M a good example of film noir. The mood is heavy and tired. What should be afternoon appears to be night, deep shadows cover much of the screen. Like other noir films, there are still small gestures that lighten up the heaviness if for mere seconds. The mother smiling to herself as she tenderly sets the table. Enjoying what for some could be considered a chore. The silhouette of the mysterious man over the Wanted poster puts the audience in state of dread. The subject matter makes M a very difficult film to watch, but the director's mastery of his craft leaves you in awe.
  10. I haven't posted anything yet. Is a bit confusing choosing where to post for daily discussion. Think I'll just post in most replied thread at top...after first viewing the clip.
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