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  1. I've been an avid watcher of TCM since the beginning. The recent change to show more modern era films and questionable content has pretty much ended my interest in TCM. What happened to Joan Crawford and Jean Harlow films? Clark Gable or Randolph Scott? Alec Guinness anyone? How about more silent films? Nope, films from 2006 are a better choice. Ugh. The constant showing of the Blackface mini - over and over and over. I get it, white people put black makeup on and did caricature of black people. I"m sorry they did that to you! Women make movies. REALLY? We weren't aware of th
  2. Sigh... Another Saturday night...another Non-Essential “The Essentials”. 🙄 Oh wait, TWO Non-Essential “The Essentials”! Oh lucky me! Guess I’ll rewatch The Set-Up and think about when The Set-Up would’ve been featured instead of this dreck!
  3. Saturday nights mean wait until 11:00 pm so I can watch Noir Alley which is consistently entertaining AND interesting. Eddie Muller is a fantastic host! Sorry, but, in general, The Essentials are now just dull, depressing films that no one would choose to watch on a dare. Saturday night’s show was the worst yet. A pair of dismal films that were chosen only on the basis of the director being a woman. That is it! The Essentials? I don’t think so! ***BRING BACK SCORCESE OR EVEN ALEC BALDWIN!***
  4. Absolutely agree with you and others! The film on right now is definitely NOT an ‘Essential’. “Losing Ground” seems like a nice low budget independent film, but there is NO ONE that would consider it an ‘essential’. I can see why this host likes it, it’s very personal to her and her experience, but it is NOT essential viewing for someone unfamiliar with classic film. I absolutely DREAD Saturday night movie viewing now. I groan when I turn on TCM and go, “WAIT! It’s Saturday! That means two (usually) newer boring films that aren’t ‘classic’. Oh well, it’ll be 11:00 soon an
  5. RIP Dear, dear Robert Osborne. Condolences to his friends and family. What a loss. I can't type any more or I'll start crying again.. Martha Clark Buda, TX
  6. I haven't posted anything yet. Is a bit confusing choosing where to post for daily discussion. Think I'll just post in most replied thread at top...after first viewing the clip.
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