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  1. The noir influence operates in this scene as the characters are wearing black clothing, and there seems to be little light shining through the house which amplifies the character's shadows and also indicates the conflict that runs through the family especially between mother and daughter- Mildred and Veda. Curtiz heightens the suspense of the scene as the two characters are placed quite far apart from each with levels added such as in some point Veda is sitting, Mildred is standing, and Veda is higher up on the stairs while Mildred is lower, the only time they are close together is when they e
  2. Between M and The Ministry of Fear, the circle of children and the clock seem alike as they both signify the passing of time: in M, the child in the middle is pointing at each of the children one after the other as the clock in The Ministry of Fear is ticking away at the the numbers, the time, one after the other and in both cases of the movie, the pointing was done quite slowly. And the sudden stop of the child's finger and the clock hand signify that there is no control over the pointing- it just keeps on going. In M as well, when the cuckoo clock chimes, the mother looks up at the clock awa
  3. Detective Marlowe is a pretty interesting character and an all around slick guy. I feel this noir protagonist is very well rounded character and he knows what is coming which shows that as a private eye he knows people and their actions very well. The way he was a bit jumpy in the beginning had me questioning his motives but wow! That was quiet intense. The way he was holding the key in his hand tauntingly- ahmazing! He is an important addition to the noir hero as it seems he does not trust anyone nor does he let them get close to him. This scene is sure to engage audience from the very start.
  4. First of all, the POV shot seemed like a all too familiar gimmick to try to make the audience feel by seeing through the eyes of the character- trying to point out that this character might be the good guy and he is wrongfully convicted , I feel it wasn't very effective as it didn't make me feel anything for the character. Seemed a bit unrealistic. But the barrel roll- revolving shot was nice. I feel though it kind of added to the tension of the scene as the audience tries to figure out who the person is and whether he is a good or bad guy. It can be considered an important contributi
  5. Hearing the children sing, I feel set the eeriness of the dark town. The little song represents the potential outburst of violence to come, especially with a high angle shot of the children- representing that they maybe potential victims to a form of this supernatural evil figure that they are singing about and the woman is showed in low angle shot representing her authority and that she may end up being right at the end by scolding the children not to sing the "cursed song". The children seem to be isolated from the adults. For example, while they are singing, the women are up stairs doi
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