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  1. The opening images of the clock alone, relentlessly ticking, the very contrasty lighting which seems to accentuate the blade-like pendulum with it's swishing black shadow, the film score playing over the image with it's deep, disturbing motifs -- all create feelings of a dark, enclosed, mechanistic world where there is no escape from what, doom? When the camera pulls back we see the setting for the clock -- a low-ceilinged, unlit, sparely furnished room, and a man sitting rigidly staring at the clock. A second man enters and as they converse we discover the seated man is waiting for the last
  2. Certain elements of the opening of La Bête Humaine that share elements of Film Noir: First, the film title, the feminine form of, the human beast. In some Film Noir, the darkest, most evil character is a woman, a femme fatale, ie, Rebecca, Double Indemnity, Sunset Blvd, Detour. Second, the opening shot is a close-up of an enclosed inferno, a hellish image. The camera then pulls back a bit to reveal we are in the open engine area of a train barreling down a track. We feel we are standing next to the two engineers, both somewhat dehumanized by grimy, blackened faces and especially one
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