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    All things horror
  1. I liked the opening scene the over voice sets the movie up for a mystery. When Waldo is first introduced sitting in a bathtub in front a complete stranger I thought this is a man who has nothing to hide or everything to hide.
  2. I like the symbolism of being in a central location as in the engine room, but also traveling to a destination, much like we do in life. The non-verbal communication between the conductors shows the ease at which they do their job and their connection to each other as they are manning the fast moving train. I did think that the trains were going to collide when only they passed by each other, which once again happens in life. The darkness and confinement help to add the noir feel to the opening.
  3. Having never fully understood the concept of "film noir" this is a great place to start! Although I have never seen the film, the opening sequence indeed sets the tone of the film. Much like others have said you can feel the heaviness and darkness of the film. At first I thought the children were in a school yard, only to have the camera pan up and out to show an apartment complex. Even with the lady yelling at the children, later you see that she still has some concern for their well being, which you later discovery that concern was well warranted. The use of shadows and character activit
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