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  1. A lot of people have noticed the triumphant music at the end of the scene but a lot people seem to look at it positively and it gave me a sense of dread. The music suggests that there is a reason to celebrate if the train makes it to the station. This also suggests that the train often doesn't make it to the station. I know that driving a train was (and maybe still is?) a dangerous job but it was also something that these men did on a daily basis. It doesn't seem like a reason to celebrate, so for me the triumphant music is a warning of dangers to come in the movie.
  2. The word that I would use to describe this opening scene is "suspense" because while we know that something bad is going to happen we don't yet know why or how. Others have mentioned the long shot of the empty balcony but I wanted to add to this conversation. I think it is interesting that this shot is accompanied with the child counting. The empty balcony gives a feeling of alienation and loneliness and the child's counting seems to be a countdown. It makes me think that the balcony is foreshadowing the feelings of the Elsie's mother and the child's chant is counting down to her alienation an
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