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  1. I loved that the work of Edward Hopper was included in the lecture. He is one of my favorite artists and I've always felt like his work embodies a lot of noir qualities. I want to include a link to my favorite Hopper painting New York Movie. It's not as popular as Nighthawks, but I think it's a great example of urban isolation -- http://www.edwardhopper.net/newyork-movie.jsp#. I love imagining what the usherette is thinking. She looks so pensive and sad in my opinion. She's alone and isolated from the moviegoers, but there's probably someone in that theater, watching the movie that feels the
  2. I also think the use of children is important. The children reflect innocence and noir oftentimes represents the loss of innocence and is an expression of the loss of innocence in the real world due to war, depression, persecution, etc. They are singing the song without really understanding the reality of its meaning. As seen from the wanted poster, at least two of the children have lost their innocence and obviously there will be more. There's also a great juxtaposition between the mother doing the wash and preparing the meal cut with the children leaving school. The mother seems to be
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