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  1. The Mountain time person who had an evening commitment early watching The Stranger loving the shadows in the movie and enjoying seeing Orson Wells a little older but not Touch of Evil older. Loretta Young looks so young. Enjoy seeing Edward G playing a good guy.
  2. It is hard being on Mountain time and working on Fridays but did catch one hour of Hollow Triumph. It pulled me right in staring Paul Henreid while playing a man on the run. The end left another woman to feed her femme fatale.
  3. The swinging pendulum is there before the opening title and credits. The room is so dark that you don't realize anyone is in the room. The light from the opened door takes a slow moment to project some light on Ray Millard's face. Time and the passing of time plays an important role in the opening of Ministry of Fear and M. The line that seems to have the most weight was not to have another police encounter. I agree with the post from athing305 "with a Hitchcockian tone"
  4. Thank you for the first video lecture. What struck me was the French critics that was able to watch a large volume of these movies in a short time and could clearly identify this group of films as different, rougher around the edges than what they had seen previously released from american studios. Sometimes you have to be on the outside to see the changes. I appreciate the instructor vast knowledge base and challenging us to question our form of thinking, categorizing, organization and judgement. I look forward to learning more and watching more Film Noir films.
  5. I have to admit I had to watch this twice to see him lock the door, so he is a couple of steps ahead of "supposed" reporter. He is rough with her to figure out her real name but he has a heart when he states that " he paid for my services" and obviously is disappointed that he hasn't kept him safe. I find Bogart and Mitchum @ the top of the Phillip Marlowe Detectives portrayals. I agree with the previous post that the Thin Man series are much lighter than any of the Film Noir detectives. Lots of good posts tonight.
  6. This opening scene pulls you in with a hundred questions in your head asking and observing and listening to the dialogue. The faces on the walls made me think of Beauty and the Beast silent movie if only the faces could talk. The exchange between Webb and Andrew was definitely a test for each one of them who could come up on top with more information. Great opening... I wanted to keep watching
  7. The opening tries to pull you in and start wondering and possible cheering for the main character even though he is an escaped prisoner. Growing up with a Mother who loved old movies, I grew up liking and cheering for Humphrey Bogart in everything except Roaring Twenties.
  8. I was thinking of Sunset Boulevard also and the opening scene where you hear his voice. Thanks
  9. I have seen this opening before but have never seen the whole movie. I love how the gun shots pierce the calm, hot night. Betty Davis empties her gun into him and then keeps as calm as a cucumber and states to tell " there has been an accident" The opening pulls you right into asking questions about what lead up to this?
  10. Lang uses the innocence of a child's game to portray a evil undertone of missing children and siblings. You know that something doesn't fit right away with the opening song and mood. The use of shadows and sounds of the city help create film noir.
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