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  1. I found it very interesting how all sounds were coordinated in different variations of the opening scene,for example,the sounds of the train in various spots were the train was passing through, like one was the bridge, I noticed the efforts that were created to make you feel the journey,in this specific scene on the bridge, I noticed that the sound of the passing train through the bridge cut off before they finished going through the bridge, at that point I felt the efforts they had made to make you feel the effects of the ride. The angles of the camera were great, it made me feel as i also wa
  2. Instantly I got the impression from the kids that something wrong is going on in the neighborhood. It was almost as if the kids where embracing it, in their own way.I also felt the concerns of the woman in the balcony, as her fears lingered in the air.High alert methods were in high demand for safety reasons.As we go on to other scenes of the film for example, the woman is climbing up the stairs, the cinematographer is giving me awareness of all the shadowing in every room is to be acknowledged,as we go along it's obvious that not every woman is so concerned on the matter itself, but more awar
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