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  1. Whilst viewing this scene I could only think she was going to make Johnny very upset. Rita Hayworth gave good face - Vogue Madonna Costume designer: Jean Louis used his talents to really express Gilda's performance as The Glamour/It Girl . The musical performance was to share the triple threat - Depending on the story line the music can be used to express pending doom and or assisting an actor in Hard boil; fem-fatale or goodness. Sexual freedom !
  2. It was amazing cinematic technique especially the hyperbole reflections of the train rolling over the melted ice on the track. http://dogcaught.com/rfimg/0601/reflectionsafterrain.jpg
  3. I first thought of how group games/think affects us as young as those children shown - the two either awaiting their turn at the game or shocked at the lyrics. The char woman climbing the stairs for all her toiling to hand off the load of items and the shock of one unlucky soul who apparently did not pay heed to the lyrics or poster - willing shared her name and the the shot of Peter Lorries larger than life silhouette - murder death kill ensues.
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