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  1. So true! The fact that the first things we see are Waldo's prized, clearly expensive and elegant acquisitions as he intones, "I shall never forget the weekend Laura died," tells us a lot about him as a person: that he is an aesthete who prizes the material and appearances and that his most important feature is his way with words. This sets him up in contrast with the Detective McPherson, who is a more stereotypically masculine detective (all through Waldo's words about his deeds as well). This isn't even getting into the contrast presented by a more stoic and dressed up Detective McPherson wi
  2. I know very little about this movie (love Bette Davis, though!), so all my impressions are made blind, from the opening. I'm really struck by how the crowded quarters of the mostly sleeping Malay workers are foregrounded initially and then how we are introduced to the shooting — it's shot at a distance, so it almost resembles looking at a stage. Even the way the trees and vines hang around the shooting makes me think of curtains. Sound works great here, too. Just gentle nighttime chatter before the shot, heightened by that white bird's flight. Even down to the costuming — Bette Davis
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