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  1. I haven't watched this one in a while-I laughed out loud when I saw the "Man Wanted" poster...a "sign" of things to come perhaps? Did Lana Turner convince her husband that they need help? When she and John Garfield meet over the deliberate drop of her lipstick they both immediately knew what was going to happen(and so did we!) so let the games begin.... To me this film is classic noir with the use of the voice over narration, the framing, lighting/shadows and characters- the seemingly happy go lucky guy who will be caught up in something bad, the femme fatale, and the poor sap of a husban
  2. I have not seen this movie yet-in watching the clip what I saw was a stunningly beautiful woman who appeared to be intoxicated attempting a striptease. Not that it would matter to any male in that audience how badly she moved. Or us as the viewers. We became intoxicated watching her. She knew what she was doing and what buttons to push. Did she go too far? I don’t think she would have let her dress be unzipped- she would have playfully gotten out of it… There is so much more going on underneath….you know there is sadness and desperation-how bad she must feel inside to get onstage drunk in
  3. This film has the best opening line ever written- it pulls you in immediately and you want to, no, have to know- what is this all about? I have not seen this movie for a while and will be watching it this week with a different eye after reading so many of the comments here. One thing(of a few)that amused me in this scene was when Waldo tells McPherson "Careful there, that stuff is priceless!". I was thinking that for a man who uses words for a living and obviously feels he is superior would use the word "stuff". So common.....
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