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  1. The intro is very lazy going as it pans to take in the scenery and the workers who are resting after the day's chores. I like the way the filmmaker brought you into a comfortable arena and then punctuated the scene with a fierce intrusion that changed the whole landscape of the movie. Bette Davis is the perfect person to make this happen since she can show deeper psychological tension and the conflicts going on beneath the surface of her actions. This was a great way of grabbing a viewer's attention and draw you into the story line very quickly. As usual, a movie like this, in the film noir ve
  2. I'm looking forward to viewing and analyzing these films. Film Noir is my favorite genre of film. As I was watching this sequence, the following stood out for me - 1. How the orchestration music in the background reached a crescendo as the train arrived at the station as if they were coming to the end of a performance. 2. How the nonverbal communication between these 2 men gave you a strong impression that they've worked together for a long time and knew what each of them needed at every turn, and the fact that they obviously have been doing this work for some time because of how
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