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  1. I've read lots of comments about the dialogue between the two cops... Mostly negative. I don't know, I really liked the dialogue in this clip.. I love the way they spoke... Love the banter and back and forth. Especially when they talked about the dame: Det. Sgt. Gus Forbes: Bet you're wondering the same thing I am - what she looks like. Walter Brown: I don't have to wonder - I know. Det. Sgt. Gus Forbes: Why, that's wonderful, Walter, nobody's seen her but you know what she looks like. What a gift. Walter Brown: Aw, come off it, yer just makin' talk. Det. Sgt. Gus Forbes: Well, we get there just as fast, talkin'. What about this dame, Mr. Crystal Ball? Walter Brown: A dish. Det. Sgt. Gus Forbes: What kind of a dish? Walter Brown: Sixty-cent special. Cheap, flashy. Strictly poison under the gravy. Det. Sgt. Gus Forbes: Amazing. How do you know all this? Walter Brown: Well, what kind of a dame would marry a hood? Det. Sgt. Gus Forbes: All kinds. Walter Brown: AW Gus, at heart your still a boy scout Also enjoyed the opening credits with the lighting and the arrival of the train when the credits stop...
  2. Time and timing. So very important when it comes to the perfect crime. This guy is really working hard at scoping out this location.. Robbing banks seems like a really tedious job. Everything has to be just so. Yet so many things can go wrong! Will they in this case? I like the fact that there is no dialogue, that the music carries the whole scene - building up the suspense and drama of what's to come! I don't know though.... I just get the feeling that fate is going to come in and wipe out all of this meticulous planning. Or at least play with it a while. Who is this guy? Is he working for someone, part of a group or on his own? For now the only hint we get is the name in his little black book... All very noir from the theme of a bank heist to the music and the tiny details of lighting and shots. Brilliant!
  3. I agree as well.. I'm starting to feel a sort of film noir withdrawal! The course has really increased my love for these brilliant films, and even introduced me to some real gems that I probably wouldn't have considered watching before.
  4. You are totally right,takoma1. Having only seen these first few minutes I have no idea what has happened and why she is so hysterical. I have put it on my very long "to watch" list so soon will be in the know. In the meantime I still found it very annoying and exaggerated.
  5. I'm sorry but I just couldn't get over the heavily overdone breathing and gasping for breath. I loved the first shot of the feet and her running down the road... But please God could she just stop a minute and compose herself? It really bothered me. On a good point, I'm very curious.. Who is this woman and what's happened to make her run down an empty street without any shoes on! Also, love the credits running in reverse.. But yes, the terrible sounds that she makes is just so off putting!!!
  6. Very interesting to watch this scene.. Two old friends who haven't seen each other in years... It starts out fine and dandy with some drinks yet there's something that just doesn't feel right. And when one asks a favour from the other you feel the tension and get the sense that there's a threat behind it. "You'll do it". When the fabulous Stanwyck enters, and seems a little too comfortable with the long lost friend the tension grows and Douglas does not look happy. The look on his face is one of disgust.. Hate. The characters are the only thing carrying this scene, that is shot in a boring office. Perhaps we could say that the bottle of alcohol is another character since it appears quite a lot?
  7. Woah, I cant wait to see this! Thankfully it's on youtube so I can watch it from here (Berlin)! I never thought I would say this, but how handsome Mitchum looks here! I guess I have only really seen him in movies where he is older... I really like the back and forth between him and Greer.. "I'll never wear them" (the earrings) "Nor I" And the blowing the cigarette smoke right at him. How she toys with him. Playing hard to get, yet as she leaves she suggests another bar and says "I sometimes go there".. Beautiful! To me this is connection..the chemistry.. between the two leads is so important.. It is what makes or breaks it for me. Love the colours in this one, the shadows and the darkness still comes out - even through the daylight. Love that he is the lone dark figure. Yet the lighting shines on him like he is in a faint spotlight.. A sort of aura. Someone mentioned earlier how you can almost feel the coolness in the bar. So true! But then I wonder why is she there? Is she on the run? Why is he following her and who wants him to? Can't wait to see the rest!
  8. at the beginning of the clip we are shown lines - the canal and roads, and of crops and trees.. i feel as if the lines go on forever, beyond my computer screen as if everything is open, free.. but there is an underlying sense of despair, a darkness i feel from the music.. we are then shown these faces waiting behind a fence, piled up together.. stuck there, not free. it gives a documentary feel, an important social issue is presented, but in a more realistic sense. it's right in your face. how will the rest of the film play out? how will the the braceros be portrayed? what happens after this clip? i am curious where this goes.
  9. what a great film, and rita hayworth certainly played the perfect role. her performance was... well, to be honest it was a bit weird.. at the beginning mostly.. i didn't understand why she was moving like that.. she had her arms out as if she were a monster or on a hanger or something.. her movements were awkward.. some people mentioned she was intoxicated but it sure didn't seem like it when she was talking to johnny.. i could see what she was trying to do though, make him react by being all sexy, and perhaps it worked because a lot of the men were going crazy.. some parts she was dripping with sex appeal - her eyes and flips of her hair. but a lot of her body language was just strange to me.. johnny clearly was giving her the reaction she wanted, and that was full of electricity as well - when she went too far, he hit her. in the case of this particular film, I think the music's influence supports the femme fatale. Gilda sure used her body to get what she wanted and the music flowed right along with her. Generally speaking, the music can play a very powerful role in films noir.. It can help carry and support the film.
  10. yes, i agree.. she just wants to get him all riled up and he does just that! but the outcome was not what she wanted...
  11. Both films start off very minimally. Both made me feel quite uneasy.. Though there is a very dramatic piece of music being played during the credits, which M did not have. We are shown a clock, camera zooms out and includes a window (freedom?). The ticking of the clock, the swinging of the pendulum like time is running out-something ending.. But what? For who? We then see a figure sitting in a chair, completely in the shadows. Who is this? Why is he there? The only light comes from the window and then the opening of the door. The clock strikes and it is time for this person to go. Something about the sound of the chimes...how very soft and muffled they were, but in a dark way. The look on his face as he realizes he is free is almost crazed. Perhaps he watched that clock for a little too long? In any case, this beginning makes me want to see where he goes, and if he should have stayed in that asylum after all? bird's eye view, as Milland's character leaves the asylum Is this person coming out of the asylum our hero?
  12. argh, apologies for my multiple posts.. i obviously had some problems! anyone know how to delete?
  13. To me, this guy doesn't fit into the typical detective when I think of film noir... There is a sort of innocence to him.. Someone earlier mentioned a "babyface". He at first let the female take over, by asking questions and him answering.. Then everything changed the minute he grabbed her hand and became immediately aggressive dumping out her bag. A lot of the time the detective seems to fall for the beauty.. The femme fatale. But not this guy.. He don't take no ****! Although of course, I don't know what happens at the end.. Perhaps he ends up falling for her after all?
  14. "It's lavish, but I call it home" This place is set up like a museum! Obviously, this is a very fancy house, filled with lots of trinkets! The camera scans over a room and we get a glimpse of all the precious items carefully laid out - statue, crystal, a very unique clock, lamps and the masks.. ( i like how the detective started moving once the camera hit him, and then it followed him until he entered the room). We then move into the other room, which is covered in marble - including the tub (Lucky)! The way Lydecker is introduced is quite hilarious indeed. The first image we have is him soaking in his fancy marble tub! I am also quite suspicious of him. he seems very pompous and thinks as if he is better than the detective. Acting all calm and normal but perhaps he is a good actor? I found it creepy that Lydecker could see - somehow - what the detective was doing from the other room... Having not seen this film I don't know if he had something to do with the murder or not. I felt like I could trust the detective right away, for some reason. Perhaps because he is a detective and we are supposed to feel that way about them? That they are trying to help? Classic voice over, the detective.. A femme fatale? Excited to watch the rest of this one!!
  15. To me he definitely seems very odd. And yes, seeing him in his tub and the way he speaks to the detective acts as if he is top dog.
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