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  1. I have two projects right now - what I call dealing with movies and their history by watching, reading, and researching. FXM Retro has been playing some Hobo (not a derogatory term) movies lately, the first was Emperor of the North, and today they are showing The Flim Flam Man with George C Scott and Michael Sarrazin. Watching it now. Pretty good, not as gritty as "Emperor" but still effective. Scott plays the Flim Flam Man, a change of pace for him. Connected to this is the Trylon and Moon Palace Books Book club based on books that were tuned into movies. The book/movie this time is "Beggars
  2. Count me in! Where do we meet? Vertigo one of my favorites from Hitchcock!
  3. New backlot member interested in joining Minneapolis chapter.
  4. Nora Prentiss needs a remastering. I am also noting a rhythm with the films that I have seen so far - there is a rather long set-up where we see the "normal" lives of our protagonists, and then things start to really get interesting and unusual - certainly a common demominator in many Film Noirs. Scarlet Street demonstrated that as well. Franz Waxman's music is strong - maybe too strong. It would be nice to see this film remastered someday.
  5. Looking forward to watching those movies that I haven't seen before. I will watch them on Watch TCM. Now watching "Bete Humaine" after reading the TCM article. Renoir wanted Simone Simon because her face was innocent looking, and that was the scariest image that he wanted to portray - seemingly innocent - but really not. I am really liking Josef Kosma's soundtrack - he is a unknown composer here in the states, but his signature tune is very popular - "Autumn Leaves". Hearing and seeing the opening credits made the opening of the film that much more interesting - the opening credits and the mus
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