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  1. The first thing I noticed obviously was the song the children were singing, foreshadowing bad things to come. And I'm not sure how intentional this is but the circle of children appear to be in darkness possibly symbolizing what has been happening to other children. And there is all sorts of subtle ways that Lang builds tension with the creeping camera movements and sounds of clocks and footsteps and bouncing balls. A very unnerving opening scene. I know that has already been mentioned but the absence of music really adds to this scene as well. I also love the very end of this scene. Particula
  2. I love that the opening shot is on the train furnace foreshadowing the hell and anguish that will be experienced by our antagonist. There is a nice bit of a stylized use of darkness and light in the tunnel scene, a hallmark of the film noir genre.
  3. I have never seen this film before, but from just watching the opening scene I'm dying to see the rest. There is a very n oir attitude towards the "civilized" world contrasting the peace and tranquility of remote Singapore with the violence of modern society. She's enveloped in darkness, at once reflecting the darkness of the deed she has committed and cloaking her from the others. This cloak is lifted when the moon escapes cloud cover shining a spotlight on her and her sin.
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