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    Classic movies, of course!
  1. I learned so much from reading through everyone's comments here. I've seen LAURA several times but cannot wait to rewatch it again after reading through the insights posted here. To me, Lydecker is one of the premiere villains from film noir, just as McPherson is the quintessential film noir detective, and Laura Hunt, the ultimate femme fetale. Lydecker's disdain for everyone is palpable and I think the opening introduction shows us just that. Was anyone ever better at delivering a verbal barb than Clifton Webb?
  2. -- Do you feel this film's use of first person POV in this scene was successful or not successful? I'm not a huge fan of the use of the first person POV, it seems a little hokey to me, however, I did enjoy the end of this clip when the driver figures out that he's picked up the wrong passenger.
  3. Oh, this opening! One of my favorites. Just the sound of the gun shots alone is a very startling way to begin a motion picture. I like the way the dark clouds cover the moon, but then the moonlight reappears to illuminate the crime!
  4. This opening scene gives me the sense that machines or destiny or something larger than ourselves is going to drive the course of the movie and we, people, these characters, are not in control, but just along for the ride, hanging on as best we can. The force of the trains gives that impression. Also, this use of trains made be think of Hitchcock and his use of trains in his films, (Uncle Charlie's arrival in Shadow of a Doubt with the black smoke from the train announcing his arrival; The Lady Vanishes; Stranger on a Train; North by Northwest).
  5. In this opening clip, the shot that, for me, sums up the darkness (the "noir!") and emptiness of this world of "M" is the shot of the corner of the dark and empty stairwell at 1:10 minutes into the clip. You know it's going to be a stark and unforgiving world we're entering into when the camera focuses on this scene.
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