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  1. Can someone help me locate the video lecture? Finding the lecture notes 1-4 on Canvas...but not the video. Thanks!
  2. Despite the change in perspective between POV and third person omniscient in the opening scene of Dark Passage, I would argue that the use of POV works and adds an extra level of tension to story. Instead of simply seeing the barrel roll down the hill, we're inside the barrel, with the protagonist understanding the jumble and turbulent of actually propelling down the hill. Instead of seeing the threat as an observer, we feel the threat of being caught...and the tension of shoes being noticed and the radio interrupting it's programming. We feel an attachment with the prisoner, even though it se
  3. Holy creepy music! I love the use of music in this opening sequence of The Letter; it's eerie, slow, drops in and out where it should, envelopes the workers asleep in their beds, captures how much in the dark they are that something is about to happen...it dips out to create an opening of the sounds of a gunshot and then as more gunshots are fired, the world awakens, the moon shines down onto our femme fatale and what she is done, as she calculates how to cover up a crime she's committed in front of so many.
  4. Completely agree with your analysis of the opening sequence and La Bete Humaine adds something completely different to the film noir style. I would argue that the use of sound and pace in La Bete Humaine sharply contrasts to that in M; instead of a slow, high angle opening shot and the singing voice of a child, the viewer is immediately grabbed by the loudness of a train whistle combined with the movement of a train. The pace is fast, alarming with warning of darkness to come (tunnel, inability for the characters to speak easily) with possibly a more lateral approach to storytelling than w
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