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  1. The word Quintessential applies to virtually every aspect of this masterful piece of American movie making. The cantina scene is one of finast in movie history. From the point of where Jane Greer's character walks in and out of shadows to sit down at the table, to the banter of two lonely people and finally, the suggestion to Robert Mitchum's character that they meet again at Pablo's when Kathy Moffet says, "I sometimes go their!!!, is Flim Noir at its very best and it's easy to see why this film influenced the Noir films to follow!!
  2. I've seen Gilda many times and it's a personal favorite of mine and the this scene (The Mame Song) has always been one of Movie's famous. Those subtle, sensual movements of her head shaking her hair about still holds up for me even after viewing it many times. Hey...Put the Blame on Mame...Boys!!
  3. The scene and the movie can be summed up in one word....OBSESSION!!! Clifton Webb's character with Laura's Memory and Dana Andrews' character with Laura's Portrait. I've often wondered if I could fall in love with a woman's portrait or her photo and the answer is...I haven't....Yet!! This movie has always been one of my all time favorites and I highly recommend it to any of you who haven't seen it yet.
  4. Unlike the previous two days, I've seen The Letter many times and I've often told friends and fellow Classic Film Fans that this movie is my favorite Bette Davis film of all the many classic one's she's made. I've never thought of this film as Noir although it does have some of those elements. From this now immortal opening with Bette's gun emptying rage to her final comeuppance, this movie is the Bette Davis Legend....Defined!!!
  5. Like yesterday's film, I've not seen this one either so I'm coming from a place of not knowing anything about where the filmmakers intend to take the audience. However, the cinematography right of the bat with that claustrophobic train ride does set a tone for a gripping Noir Thriller!! Can't wait to see the rest!!
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