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  1. In this opening scene we learn that Marlowe is polite with a quick wit. We also learn he is a college grad with a tendency toward insubordination. He is more polished than Spade whose education was on the street. What's with the hothouse-is Marlowe on the "hotseat" with this job? I liked Sternwood's description of orchids and that they are his excuse for the hothouse-he needs heat he has no blood left-who has drained him of his blood?Lots of symbolism in this opening scene.
  2. The opening scene of Laura is a voiceover POV where we are introduced to Waldo Lydecker who has an ego as big as the moon. Why else would he say he knew Laura better than anyone or appear in a bathtub to a total stranger. His lavish surroundings and unabashed nakedness seem to boast that he is better than everyone else.
  3. First person POV makes sense after you see the rest of the movie. Personnaly I like it as it makes us an accomplice and throws us into the situation. I like the first shot where we only see the hands coming out of the barrel. How desparate your situation must be if you are willing to blindly throw yourself off a moving truck in a barrel.
  4. One of my favorite Bette Davis films. The opening scene shows all is right with the world-full moon, cup over flowing with rubber-symbol of wealth?, men playing music and games or sleeping lazily in hammocks after a hard day's work-what could be better. All this is shattered by the gunshots-all six of them. Bette's calm exterior then the cloud over the moon shadows her face-what is she hiding? At the end of the scene as she instructs the workers to call the police and her husband notice that the hand that held the gun is still open from when she dropped it-all is not calm within.
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