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  1. This clip reminded me of Italian Neo-Realism which, like Film Noir, emerged after WWII and wanted to capture a feeling and a message that traditional films lacked. I looked up the quinessential Italian Neo-Realism film, Da Sica's The Bicycle Thief. It came out in 1948, one year before Border Incident. One of Hollywood's best attributes is that they keep an eye on world cinema and incorporate elements from foreign films.
  2. The tree sap drips like blood. Excellent foreshadowing of the murder to come. Dripping liquid is an annoying, disruptive sound which contrasts, and keeps us unbalanced, with the smooth camera, idyllic setting and soothing music. The tracking shot, without cuts, create a realistic, documentary style introduction as well as a peaceful, seamless, calm mood. We see working class men who share and sleep in a small hut. The tranquiity is harshly interrupted by a gunshot. The first shot stops the music. The second breaks the tracking shot changing to a series of jarring cuts. We a
  3. The camera angles gives us a rich depth of field almost a three dimensional, realistic effect. This kind of camera positioning highlights the difference between 2D photography or painting and motion pictures which are also 2D but can create the illusion of 3D. There is no dialogue, only a sparse few words. Conversation is not necessary to convey the meaning of the scene, of what the men are doing. The scene plays out in images only which is a pure cinematic technique. The conductors are dirty, sweat-stained working class men - a staple of film noir. These men do not seem like actor
  4. The opening shot is a God Shot, from God's POV, which is appropriate since the film is dealing with life and death. The crime or the sin committed by the murderer is taking God's place in determining who lives and who dies. If God is watching these children, why doesn't he protect and save them? The nursery rhyme shows the innocence of the children who do not understand the meaning of the words they're saying and that danger is all around them. Or does it show that children like to put themselves in danger and are attracted to it? Camera moves to show a mother above them. A parent
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