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  1. One of the best film noir openings ever. Fascinating that it isn't the hero of the story doing the opening narration. The Lydecker character is well established as eccentric, arogant and clever. He clearly hopes to keep the detective off guard by making him uncomfortable. His house us almost like a museum of this a rich person feels they should have to show their status. This sets the stage well for the story that follows that has the detective trying to navigate the world of the rich.
  2. The use of POV is mostly effective. It instantly puts you in the characters frame of mind. It probably would have been better without the Bogart narration but it's still a very unique way of showing a jailbreak. It still stands out today as a nice variation on this type of sequence. When he starts slapping the driver around its particularly effective at making the viewer feel uncomfortably complicit in the violence. Of course the POV also works for the story since eventually *spoiler*Bogart gets surgery performed on his face and only after that do we see Bogart's face which is the characters n
  3. Very effective opening scene. Feels like this would still be shocking today. Love the way the moon comes out from behind the clouds and almost puts a spotlight on the woman and the dead man bringing the violent act into the harsh light. The scene really pulls you into the action without much warning placing the viewer off balance and on guard. The essence of a noir setup.
  4. This scene certainly is establishing a realistic feel to the film. Trains are usually romanticized on film but here we get almost a documentary like representation of the train operation. I'm not sure how this fits in with the rest of.the film but I found the setup intriguing. Who's on this train, how do they fit in the story. Also.the shot in the tunnel when the train is cloaked in darkness and then slowly emerges into light is very noir like and impressive. Perhaps a character will be making a long journey through darkness before themselves emerging into the light.
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